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Wilderness latitude
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Climate, daylight and weather.



The changing of the seasons in Lapland is dramatic and distinctly noticeable. Winter lasts for around half a year.
West of our location, are the Norwegian Mountains, which allows us to get a good amount of nice snow. The Gulf of Bothnia on the eastern side protects us from the cold Siberian temperatures, which makes November, December and January our coldest month with temperature ranging from -10°C to -30°C, and an average of -13,5°C. It is as well a twilight period. We can get up to 3and a half hours of sunshine and around 5h of “brightness” ( it is daylight but the sun mostly stays below the horizon). This unique combination of low light and cold temperature creates incredible colours, snow turns to flames while white becomes red and the air fills up with glowing crystals. This is only visible at this time of year.


Then from February to April, both the weather and the light improve which makes it very pleasant. Temperatures are slightly warmer, it is a dry cold and as well the ideal time for long treks dog sledding.
Spring is brief, very brief…The snow starts melting and next thing you know trees have leaves and Nature is exploding with life!
Then comes the time of the “never ending days”…Sunset lasts all night and is immediately followed by a Sunrise, as the sun never goes under the horizon it brings all kinds of lights and colours. At midnight everything is possible work in the yard or go fishing!
Autumn is as well very brief, Nature delivers one last show with a great panel of yellows, reds and oranges in the trees before the White and icy blue of Winter…


The Northern lights – also known as Aurora Borealis

The Northern lights are clearly visible at our latitude.
These spectacular displays of lights are caused by solar winds, or streams of particles charged by the sun, hitting the atmosphere. They are visible anytime during the dark month of winter.
Displays can range from just a few minutes to several hours and vary in intensity. From green-blue shimmering arcs to yellow green waves it is spectacular! Low temperatures will produce some of the most dramatic performances; they create a captivating energy that can keep you entertained no matter what!

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Wilderness latitude
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