Sleddog tour and fishing trip, accomodation in Lapland
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portrait des mushers : Mélo et Vincent

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Who are we ?

We are a young French couple, passionate individuals who have chosen to live our dreams.
We left France in 2012 to realize our project in Sweden exploring our passion for sled dogs and log wood.


portrait de Vincent

is a native of Jura (an alpine region north of the French Alps). Vincent Has worked for 10 years as a fustier in the construction of log homes. He would go sledding to work for years as a way to combine his 2 passions: wood and dogs. Now he lives in the woods with his dogs!


portrait de Mélody

is Bretonne (from the western region of France called Brittany). As any self-respecting Bretonne she has the travel bug! From Loire Atlantique, to the Island of La Reunion via isolated alpine regions of France (Le Vercors and Le Jura) she has now settled in Sweden. Melody is a trained Mountain leader, has completed a degree in History and worked for years in various French Kennels. She as well has over 10 years of experience in tourism and always had a childhood dream a little wild: a life in the wild with a pack of dogs as friends…

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Wilderness latitude
Vincent Bertolotti et Melody Guillou
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