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Welcome to the The Swedish Lapland

If you are reading those lines, you might have been seeking something different for a while.
Are you looking for a break in your daily routine? The adventure of a lifetime in another part of the world?
GOOD NEWS! That is exactly what we were looking for too!
We found it here in Vilhelmina, in the Swedish Lapland and we want to share it with you!

VILHELMINA, a huge province south of Lapland.

Few numbers to start up with:

Far from the common touristic path of Sweden, the province welcomes a very small amount of tourists from overseas. Swedish residents are mostly the ones that come to spend their week-ends surrounded by magnificent mountains and lakes. You can enjoy activities like fishing, hiking, or simply a traditional dish from one of many beautiful restaurants of the charming village of Vilhelmina.


Brief cultural history


The area goes all the way back to 1792. The original town was named after the Queen ‘‘Volgsjö’’ in 1804 (Vualtejere in traditional Sami language)
In 1921, 75 wooden houses were consumed in a great fire. Today, in around 20 remaining colourful houses, there are shops and nice restaurants, pubs and hotels. The town has a magnificent view over the Angermälven.
It was, and still is the principal meeting point for reindeer herds travelling north to the mountain for summer.

Lapland is the Sami’s traditional land. They are a nomad indigenous population who subsist in reindeer herding.
There is no administrative division in Lapland, but proper borders that run across Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia’s northwest. The population’s density is almost too low to be registered.
Lapland holds a very rich cultural background such as language diversity and handicraft.


Reindeer husbandry is still very dynamic nowadays. The animal is used for its meat, fur and horns which the Sami’s use to handcraft tools as well as traditional decorative objects (some of which we’ll use during our safaris). Even today there is still nothing better than reindeer fur to keep warm!



You will get a chance to visit Vilhelmina’s unique museum and see for yourself! The museum offers a chance to learn and understand the importance of Reindeers in the Sami culture, holds the largest knife of the world as well as old traditional objects. Don’t miss the souvenir shop! The “Rotisserie d’Allan” or Allan’s smoke house is also on our list to introduce you to the unique and most popular bear salami (a dry bear sausage) and a lot of other local specialties.



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Wilderness latitude
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