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Wilderness latitude
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Your accommodation

You can check out the building process of the house on our blog (October 2013 to August 2014) en photos et sur notre blog!

Your accommodation fits 3 adults or a family of 4 maximum.

A hut in the woods: one’s little kid’s dream.

A hut in the woods: one’s little kid’s dream. MYRKULLA is the cutest little wooden house, sitting on top of the hill; it has the best view over the trees of the forest. It is about 200m away from our house and our dogs and sits at the top of the meadows.

vue depuis la cabane

View in summer

After 10 years spent building those specific log style houses in the French ‘Jura’ mountains, Vincent did accomplish the one of his dreams by using trees from his own forest.
With a huge THANK YOU to Alain Vuillermoz, Herve Messein and the whole team of “ la Pessiere” that did generously share their highly regarded knowledge and passion.
Rustic, comfortable and really well isolated, its built uses solid tree trunks for walls, soil and grass on the roof. We had a strong wish of creating a small and cute hut, like it is in the books, like in our dreams…
The warmth of the wood, the subdued “ambiance” of the candles offers a great feel inside.

l'entrée de la cabane


A hut in the woods: Relaxing holiday guarantee!

nid douilletInside everything is made out of wood, a simple use of space gives you conviviality and a relaxing feel.
The living room is a highlight; it has a traditional wood stove, comfy couches and a large glass window overviewing the charming Lappish forest. What best than to be able to enjoy a beautiful view, the northern lights and the midnight sun without leaving your couch! With a maximal capacity of 4, the bedding you will have is a double bed and 2 singles organised in a very unique concept of “bed closet” that makes it very intimate.
There is a terrace facing south where you can sit in the sun, relax and listen to the silent surroundings. You will have access to the Sauna situated few meters from your accommodation. According to the Scandinavian culture, the sauna is the space for hygiene and health. Technically it is a steam room in which your body will perspire and clean up. The temperature can be set and you will time your stay to keep it pleasant.
For most Swedish people, taking time in the sauna is a life necessity, it is their way to escape from life, maximise personal effectiveness and keep good mental and spiritual health.
Basically it will give you a sense of well-being, will help your muscle recovery and increase your resistance to cold temperature. It is then, up to you, to reach the Swedish level of spirituality!

A hut in the woods: A mature look

Conscious of the environmental challenges of our time, we have chosen to live without electricity and use the water from our well. We use solar panels, batteries and a water pump to provide for our everyday needs. We invite you to come and give this lifestyle a try!
At the age of social Medias and virtual experiences, we offer you a holiday adventure with a purpose of getting back to real values like conviviality and getting great pleasure out of simple actions etc…Switching on the light or turning on the tap are simple actions with direct consequences, we just make a point in using those valuable resources with moderation. Give it a go you will be surprise how easy it is!
Ambiance aux bougies

Gentle light out of candles.

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Wilderness latitude
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