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Dog Sledding Safari-tours

Christmas and New Year's day in swedish Lapland

A white chrismas safari

  • Th magic of Lapland and new year's Eve in family (children above 10 years old welcome)
  • A discovery trip of 5 days / 4 nights, or 6 days and 5 nights for the new year's eve.
  • 2 days of dog-sledding day, dog-snowshoeing, ice fishing, cultural visits and sauna
The Call of the Wild : the authentic Lapland Safari.

The Call of the Wild : the authentic Lapland Safari.

  • A multiactivities adventure trek available from January to April.
  • 7 days / 6 nights
  • Return to Nature for an experience in the heart of Lapland.
  • Build your own stay and pick in : 3 days Dog-sledding (adventure trek with sleep over or returning to the log-cabin), Ice fishing, Dog snowshoeing, Cultural visits, Snbowmobile ride.
A family Adventure trek

The bear safari : In the footsteps of the Swedish nomads.

  • 100% dog-sledding trek to meet the swedish culture and inhabitants.
  • Available from mid-February to the early April.
  • 8 days / 7 nights.
  • 5 days of dog-sledding, including a 4 days Dog-sledding trek touring and lodging at local’s houses, 150km long.
Séjour chiens de traîneau Laponie Sportive

Wild action in Lapland

  • A sporty Adventure from January to early April.
  • 8 days / 7 nights
  • Outdoors activities in the heart of Lapland.
  • 4 days on the sled including a 3 days Dog-sledding trek to the mountains (130 km trip), available from march.
  • Snowmobile activity included in the package price.


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Wilderness latitude
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