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Wilderness latitude
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“The Wilderness" : a huge natural space still untouched…

Trip into the wilderness

Here you will meet Immensity, and sometimes everything been so vast makes you wonder how small we really are… 1 km seems different around here that it would be anywhere else.

Sweden is a land of woods and water with seemingly forests, wild expanses of wetlands, countless lakes and islands. Nature is wild, with only few roads which are used for forest exploitations, and when the ground is frozen in winter, they turn into snowmobile path.







Using sled-dogs is the most traditional and peaceful way to move through the silent Lappish nature.
Landscape varies along the way: Our property sits in the middle of the Taiga: a huge coniferous forest that covers the whole north hemisphere along this latitude, from Canada to Siberia. All around us is a unique atmosphere with pristine views. Our dogs will happily pull you along through the Lapland’s landscape: it’s magical, everywhere you look will fill you with intense satisfaction, discover the highest level of Beauty delivered the simplest way: Nature’s finest!
We have vast marshland surrounded by trees affected with soil acidity, which gives this area a somewhat mysterious feel, countless lakes and rocky islands. Around the west side of our property, landscape becomes alpine, Taiga turns into high flat land or plateau where only small birch and spruces are able to grow. And further west we reach the mythic Fjälls, Norway’s highest mountains where vegetation is sparse, covered in white with few rock blocks here and there. Huge glaciers cover most of the area.


We constantly meet wild animals during our winter treks.
Birds are the most commonly spotted: Black grouse, grouse, capercaillie… We have reindeers, elks, moose and hares.
Our dogs are always the first to spot any wildlife, their ears pop up as they speed up their pace.
Around the house we often see a marten and a huge fox. The ex-owner of the house, an old hunting guide told us a bear lives about 4 km from the house. We have seen few prints and hairs in various spots, as well as prints of wolves and lynx but have never had the opportunity of seen any.
There is no need to have any concern about those predators they are just a good indication of the preservation of our eco-system, they have plenty of food around and fear humans as they are hunted (under strict regulations).


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Wilderness latitude
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